Wollemi Pine

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    I am sorry you had such a bad experience. It is often unclear why these things happen, whether it be temperature itself, the rate and degree of temperature changes, soil composition, native soil fungi, soil contaminants, water contaminants, the age of the plant, microclimate, some combination of the above, so on, and so forth.

    Personally, I keep my Agathis and Araucaria trees in containers and move them indoors when the overnight temperatures approach 4*C/40*F. This regimen is not for everyone, but it works for me. They could probably tolerate a lower temperature, with the emphasis on the word "tolerate".

    Temperature tolerance of any plant generally improves as the plant becomes larger, if it has time to slowly adapt to environmental conditions, and thermal stability of the root system (especially important with container plants). So, unfortunately, it would not surprise me that a small, young plant would have less of a tolerance for temperature extremes. Survivability of environmental conditions by mature specimens in their native environment may be quite different than young, nursery-cultivated plants. How many young, seedling plants perish in their native environment? I think the advertised temperature range guidelines for these plants should be more conservative. I think your experience may not be uncommon.

    Sincerely sorry about your experience,


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