Vancouver's urban forest

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    From the Vancouver Sun, July 24, 2017: Ancient survivor: 600-year-old Douglas fir part of Vancouver's growing urban forest.

    The headline is: "Douglas fir in Stanley Park is a 600-year-old survivor". The article is mostly a discussion with Bill Stephen, arborist and urban forestry specialist for the Vancouver Parks Board, about trees in Stanley Park and other Vancouver locations. It mentions the Parks Board's next tree sale in September (you can sign up to be notified of the upcoming sales at Tree Vancouver), and lists some sources of information:
    Vancouver Tree Book by David Tracey Ira Sutherland describes his blog as “your ecological, unbelievable and practical guide to local big trees.”
    Trees of Vancouver by Gerald B. Straley was the first book about the city’s trees when it was published in 1992. It does not go on to mention the Vancouver Trees App | UBC Botanical Garden, which maps many of the trees listed in Straley's book.

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