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Discussion in 'Forum Announcements and Feedback' started by Ron B, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. Ron B

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    You know what would be neat would be if we could see on the main page when a thread was started as well as when the last post was made. I have clicked on many old threads because they had a recent response only to discover that it was to a question asked months or even years beforehand, sometimes by someone who is probably no longer paying any attention.
  2. mr.shep

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    I am not opposed to a beginning date as well as a
    current date of the most recent post made. It can
    be done with this javascript based software but it
    will require a change in the visual format in the
    main page as we know it, as then two names and
    dates will be present (of the thread starter and the
    current reply). Then again, perhaps some of the
    much older threads should be commented on, just
    because, but who is willing to backtrack in time
    and then post a current reply to a thread that no
    one seems to be interested in? Yet, some of the
    older threads are rather pertinent today.

    A sidenote:

    Ron, I look at things a little differently as our
    comments have a real knack of going non-replied
    to anyway. We cannot overly worry ourselves
    about who will respond to our posts as many times
    it is the person we do not know of is the one that
    will benefit the most from our comments. Now,
    if they would only respond, then our efforts may
    not seem so much in vain at times but certain
    people are not going to respond to us no matter
    what. Even when we tell them what they want
    to read, they still will not reply back to us. So,
    in effect it all comes down to what do we want
    to part with and share for information as there
    are times no one wants our opinions or in some
    cases the prevalent opinions others that we know
    have or people we knew of had.

  3. Daniel Mosquin

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    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    I don't think it's that hard to do - in fact, I think that someone has already coded an add-on that does just that. The two difficulties are 1) as Jim points out, a bit of clutter and 2) the extra query to extract that information

    1) can be designed around and 2) can be mitigated by removing another query - for example, number of posts or number of threads in a forum.

    I didn't get a chance to speak with the db server admin about the speed of the forums as another topic of conversation came up that affects even more of the web site. I'll send him an email.
  4. Ron B

    Ron B Paragon of Plants 10 Years

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    WA USA (Z8)
    Another guy eh? Come on Daniel, we all know that when two males get together they talk about beer, sports etc.
  5. NiftyNiall

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    I am with RonB, the start & lost recent, should be listed. It is a simple change,( Icon(s) to click on,would save space.) But to add information to a dated thread is also good, since many more people view these posts, than ever reply. It is also sometimes nice to see how many times a file has been accessed, (shows you how much interest there is in a subject).
  6. Junglekeeper

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    Would the Default Thread Age Cut Off profile setting help in this matter?

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