Search only goes back to April 2015?

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements and Feedback' started by wcutler, May 16, 2016.

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    I went into the Plants Identification forum and did a search just on my id (under "Posted by Member). It only gave me results back to April 2015, and what I'm looking for was before that.

    Then I tried again, clicked the More ... button, which allowed me to Display results as threads (sometimes that's there on the first dropdown, but didn't seem to be when I first tried). This time I got to December 2014, so farther back, but not far enough.

    I can view all my content, but there's too much cherry stuff mixed in, and what I'm looking for might have been posted during cherry season.

    There used to be an option to view posts started by user. I wish we had that.

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