"Raccoon dog’s candleholder": new plant genus in Japan.

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    A tiny plant that feeds on fungus and has no pigment has been named as the first new genus of plant from Japan since 1930.

    The plant, which grows to 3 centimetres tall and 2 centimetres wide, emerges to the surface for as little as a week each year. It belongs to a group of plants known as fairy lanterns and has been given the scientific name
    Relictithismia kimotsukiensis.

    Relictithismia kimotsukiensis and its habitat at the type locality. a & b A secondary evergreen broad-leaved forest where R. kimotsukiensis was found. c & e Flower, top view. d & f Flower, lateral view. Scale bars: 10 mm. Photos (a & b) were taken by Yasunori Nakamura on 3 June 2022, and photos (cf) were taken by Shuichiro Tagane on 9 June 2023. Photos (e & f) were captured after collection



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