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  1. hi
    i have a pink dogwood tree that is about 14 yrs. old. it has always been beautiful. 2years ago the blooms turned white. i was thinking that maybe it cross pollinated with the wild white dogwood trees. can you help me turn it pink again?

    thankyou very much

    marilyn in redmond washington
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    cross polination is when two flowers of different varieties of plant are mixed and produce a hybrid offspring (aka fruit). this has nothing to do with the color of the parent plants. Some plants will have some color variation from year to year, usually a shade or two darker or lighter, this can happen from various things such as soil pH, nutrient levels, available water and light exposure. Some plants can also revert to a different color if they are grafted and the rootstock gains control over the introduced plant.
  3. Try checking your soil, dogwood trees tend to bloom in different colors much like hydrangias do. It all depends upon the soil. It make take you a few years to get it back to pink, but it can happen.

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