Piligrass Seed and Liquid smoke

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    Improving Germination of Piligrass (Heteropogon contortus) Seeds Using Liquid Smoke Flavoring

    I know there are two old threads on the use of liquid smoke in seed germination, but I ran across this article on a native Hawaian Bunchgrass called Piligrass which has a not so good track record of seed germination. Anyway, the article is interesting and there may be application with other plants that are fire germination in nature. I recently wrote a reply to a user here about Cypress seed germination with Tecate Cypress [Cupressus forbesii] using a smoke method of seed preparation. Nurseries in the past history got around a 40% germination. Using the smoke preparation I usually get almost 100% okay, maybe a half percent less. I know, nothings perfect. But it's close! *smile*

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