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Discussion in 'Cornus (dogwoods)' started by obxvalentine, Mar 24, 2007.

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    In the last week, orange ooze has been coming out of the limbs on my dogwood tree. It is a very mature tree, I don't know the exact age but it was at this house when we bought it. The orange ooze seems to be coming from the joints of smaller limbs where they meet the larger limbs of the tree, currently only on one side of the tree. I noticed it first on an areas where a limb broke off during a hurricane and in the last few days it is coming out of other areas where the limbs are still attached. I have researched this and can't find anything about this on dogwoods. We are hoping that it isn't a disease and don't want to loose the tree but also want to take steps to keep it from spreading to other trees if it is a disease. Please help...
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    Dogwoods can have Pseudomonas syringae in the
    the plants system, usually seen in grafted or budded
    form plants. Can be seen as a gummosis symptom
    in the branches as a result through injury to the tree,
    after a prolonged stress or due to a series of plant

    The only way we can have a better idea of this trees
    current state and condition is to see some photos of
    it showing the orange colored ooze. It is possible that
    a secondary invading pathogen, a boring insect or both
    came in later after the tree had been injured.


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