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    Help, I planted a pink dogwood tree in my back yard. Upon the advice of the nursery salesman, "plant it in the full sun" Yea, right.
    I have since built a pergola over it, covered the pergola with open weave lattice and covered the lattice with leafy vines to give this tree lots of shade. I have also watered this tree until it should be the size of a sequoia.
    It does not show any signs of disease, I have fertilized it with dogwood and camelia food, it has a healthy covering of mulch to prevent water loss, and has a Boston ivy covering part of the mulch to add extra prevention of water loss. It has finally sprouted about 74 leaves and they look healthy, but several of the top branches and several of the smaller branches have no leaves. I have given up hope of any flowers. I live in zone 9b. Is it too hot here for this type of tree? It gets about 2 hours of partial sun, and the rest is break through sun. There is no fungus, and all the branches are pliable and green. HELP! Oh yea, the tree is over 1 year old.
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