Native or invasive?

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    I happened to see a weird plant spreading on the coast of Vancouver island. From the TV screen they looked like Refrigerator officialis. Is it domestic or invasive?
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    Uggh. Invasive, without a doubt. :-(
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    I am so glad you noticed this tragic garbage incident that puts our flora and fauna at risk

    An update via popular newspaper in Victoria BC - they call it « local » news ironically
    Volunteers collect debris from containers on remote north Island beaches - Victoria Times Colonist

    I understand the local groups of volunteers wanting to get out to the precious places they know well

    i wish for a way where authorities that manage our coastlines would connect safely with local people knowledge and First Ntn people

    from what I understand so far - the clean up is managed by an industry group - tho pls correct me

    Ultimately - it boils down to my personal wallet and what I am spending on (as a consumer)

    part of our family is from the « North End of the Island » (as old timers call it)

    and the native flora is amazingly different than us down this part of the coast —- when I say different - it is salal that is easily 8 feet (over 2 meter) tall (and thick)

    whereas same plant for me here - nr Vanc - is 3 feet maybe

    50 yr ago there was no road for the public — it was industrial roads that one drove at night after registering at the gate so the company would keep track of you NOT meeting the HUGE logging trucks - the ones rated for off highway (really big, usually built by Pacific manufacturing in North Vanc — and another brand that is not in my mind right now - I think White trucks)

    it is a special place that is amazingly rugged and yet is only a day drive from Vancouver or Seattle
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