Monkey Puzzle Tree

Discussion in 'Araucariaceae' started by dwood, Oct 18, 2008.

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    In 1989 we received a 5 l/2" monkey puzzle tree, which we planted on the ocean side of our property. When it reached about 5' we transplanted it to the road side of
    our property. It is now close to 30' and doing very well. We now have about 15 to 20 seed pods on the tree, some are fairly new and some are large and brown. They are
    all at the top of the tree.

    What do we do with the seed pods? Do we take them off, or just let them fall off?
    One they are down, what do we do with them?

    Darlene Wood
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    Wait for them to fall.

    Note - if they are spherical and 15-20cm diameter, they are seed cones; if they are oval and about 10cm long and 5cm broad, they are pollen (male) cones.

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