monkey puzzle tree problem after transplanting

Discussion in 'Araucariaceae' started by cathee, Jun 18, 2005.

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    About 6wks ago we transplanted a monkey puzzle tree That had been dug out with a tractor. It was destine for the trash. But my husband thought it was too unusual to be thrown away. Unfortunately we had KNOW idea what the tree was until a couple weeks ago.
    We planted it facing the direction it was before and in similar soil.
    But half of it has turned brown. I have read through the other posts and made sure the soil is draining. Is there anything I can add to the soil that might help? We have soil that is high in nitrates. The only evidence I have that the tree might make it, is some small new growth around the trunk. Is this new growth significant? By the way we were not the ones who dug this wonderful tree up. All we would like to do is save it!!!
    Thankyou, Cathee
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    I just joined today and your question caught my eye.

    I'm not saying I know anything, but I do grow my own trees and was selling my 3 yr old monkey trees. A man came to buy some and I was telling him when we moved here I had a 12 or so foot monkey tree dug up by a backhoe at our other place and had it planted here, not far from where we moved it from. I thought I did everything right but it died.

    This man said to me that monkey trees have a tap root that grows straight down and if the root is cut in half, it won't survive. That makes sense.

    Don't really know if this is true, but maybe someone does.

    Nanaimo, BC

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