Appreciation: Monkey Puzzle in the snow

Discussion in 'Araucariaceae' started by wcutler, Feb 13, 2019.

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    Here is a fairly young Araucaria araucana in a one-block square in my neighbourhood near downtown. I was going to say that it is 10 years old or less, but I think I see two male cones at around the third tier from the top in the first picture, and they are supposed to take 20 years to produce cones, so I must have something wrong. Time must be whizzing by.

    These trees just beg to be photographed when they have snow on their branches.
    Araucaria-araucana_NelsonPark_Cutler_20190213_092358.jpg Araucaria-araucana_NelsonPark_Cutler_20190213_092423.jpg
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    Yep, 2 old pollen cones there. First male production tends to be a bit younger than seed cones, but I'd still give this tree 15-20 years old from seed. It could have been planted a lot more recently, they are often around 5-8 years old when planted.
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