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Discussion in 'Araucariaceae' started by Sky Bedke, Jul 14, 2021.

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    Hello all! I was given a Monkey Puzzle tree from a wonderful gentleman while traveling in the PNW. The plant made it home, but I am concerned about the winters here. We have long, cold, freezes and hot dry summers.
    I am determined to keep it as an indoor plant, (however I believe it will do well outdoors during the summer season here and I will move it outside as needed*.)

    I have done some heavy reading about the species, but have not seen much on indoor care or ‘bonsai’ trees so I’m asking for any tips or info anyone has to offer! Specifically in relation to indoor care/small container care, but please don’t hesitate to leave other information or share a personal experience. :)

    * Picture is from 2 mo. ago, I have kept it in 3/4 sun and it seems to have taken really well to the spring/summer here. (I don’t have a more recent photo, but it seems to have more growth already!)

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    I admire bonsaï tho don’t know the how-to

    I agree that your climate is likely not ideal (for winter survival)

    What I know of outdoor monkey puzzle trees here greater Vanc BC is the generous gardener in PNW should have included a pair of oyster shucking gloves to go with the gifted sharp plant :)
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    They don't do well as bonsai, as the shape is very difficult to change - they have a very deterministic growth pattern, and pruning won't alter it, just make it look rather untidy.

    Spot on about the gloves; the leaves have razor-sharp edges.

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