May 2022 in the garden - flowers!

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    It's spring (!), though no-one in the Pac. NW realizes it, because we're all cold and wet, but today was a nice day, sunny and maybe 15C degrees, and I got to finally see Nadia again after what seemed like forever, and Douglas Justice's May in the Garden 2022 - UBC Botanical Garden blog had me chasing after rhododendrons in the Carolinian Forest Garden and flowers in the Garry Oak Meadow Garden.

    Here is Rhododendron canescens, one plant just opening, and one next to it pretty much fully open.
    Rhododendron-canescens_UBCBG_Cutler_20220520_134003.jpg Rhododendron-canescens_UBCBG_Cutler_20220520_134022.jpg Rhododendron-canescens_UBCBG_Cutler_20220520_134037.jpg

    Rhododendron prinophyllum
    Rhododendron-prinophyllum_UBCBG_Cutler_20220520_134749.jpg Rhododendron-prinophyllum_UBCBG_Cutler_20220520_134800.jpg

    Rhododendron minus var. minus
    Rhododendron-minus_UBCBG_Cutler_20220520_135330.jpg Rhododendron-minus_UBCBG_Cutler_20220520_135305.jpg

    Nadia and I were pretty sure we'd never be able to figure out which camas we were seeing in the Garry Oak Meadow, but I found the posting at Flowers in Park where I was supposed to have learned to distinguish them, and based on the spent flower petals twisting together over the ovaries, these seem to be Camassia leichtlinii subsp. suksdorfii (great camas).
    Camassia leichtlinii subsp. suksdorfii_UBCBG_Cutler_20220520_133014.jpg Camassia leichtlinii subsp. suksdorfii_UBCBG_Cutler_20220520_133210.jpg Camassia leichtlinii subsp. suksdorfii_UBCBG_Cutler_20220520_133050.jpg 213444-73eb2c86fe58cc0a01d6216909e06773.jpg

    The Plectritis congesta and Castilleja levisecta added considerably to the colour.
    Plectritis congesta_UBCBG_Cutler_20220520_133631 - Copy.jpg Castilleja levisecta_UBCBG_Cutler_20220520_133403.jpg Castilleja levisecta_UBCBG_Cutler_20220520_133418 - Copy.jpg
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    I'm always very excited to find some new plants in the garden. Here is my discovery on May,20(after missing this garden for 2 years). Lucky day!
    Anemone sylvestris, snowdrop anemone or snowdrop windflower, native to meadows and dry deciduous woodlands of central and western Europe and temperate Asia.
    Anemone sylvestris+.JPG
    Antennaria umbrinella, umber pussytoes or brown pussytoes, N America Antennaria umbrinella - Wikipedia
    Antennaria umbrinella,N America+.JPG
    Campanula wanneri=Symphyandra wanneri, Mountains of Central Europe
    Campanula wanneri+.JPG
    Dianthus cruentus, will wait to see in bloom
    Dianthus cruentus+8.JPG
    Dodecatheon austrofrigidum=primula austrofrigida. Primula austrofrigida - Wikipedia
    Dodecatheon austrofrigidum=primula austrofrigida+.JPG
    Erigeron scopulinus Erigeron scopulinus - Wikipedia
    Erigeron scopulinus+ .JPG
    Erodium pelargoniflorum,storksbill, Geraniaceae family. Resembles a pelargonium, with soft, apple-green, heart-shaped leaves and white flowers. The upper two petals spotted and streaked with pinky-red, the lower three, delicately veined in pink.
    Erodium pelargoniflorum,storksbill+.JPG
    Glaucidium palmatum,Japanese wood poppy in family Ranunculaceae. The foliage alone makes Japanese Wood Poppy a memorable plant with four-petaled mauve to lilac flowers resembling miniature peonies or poppies
    Glaucidium palmatum+.JPG
    Lathyrus aureus, Golden Perennial Sweet Pea, a bushy clump of light-green lacy leaves, with spikes of golden-orange pea flowers appearing in early summer.
    Lathyrus aureus+.JPG
    Physaria reediana=Vesicaria alpina=Lesquerella alpina, Brassicaceae.
    Physaria reediana,Alpine bladderpod+.JPG
    Phyteuma hemispermum, Campanulaceae. Basal leaves linear to lanceolate, grassy. Flowerheads globular, to 2cm wide, deep blue. Native Range:Pyrenees, Alps, Apennines, in stony grassland and screes over acidic rocks.
    Phyteuma hemispermum+.JPG
    Primula kisoana, hardy primrose. Native Range: Japan
    Primula kisoana+.JPG
    Saxifraga zimmeteri,a natural hybrid between S. paniculata and S. cuneifolia found last century in Austria. The leaves are margined in grey. Flower stems 10cm high bearing sprays of white flowers, petals 3-5mm long.
    Saxifraga zimmeteri+.JPG
    Thalictrum thalictroides,Rue Anemone Thalictrum thalictroides - Wikipedia
    Thalictrum thalictroides,Rue Anemone+.JPG
    Triteleia ixioides, pretty face or golden star. Triteleia ixioides - Wikipedia
    Triteleia ixioides, prettyface or golden star+.JPG
    Veronica Tidal Pool,Creeping/Prostrate Speedwell, a new hybrid creeping Speedwell from the Chicago Botanic Garden. This plant has inherited the best traits of both its parents ( V. armena and V. pectinata ‘Rosea’). Dense and fast spreading with silvery blue-green leaves.
    Veronica Tidal Pool,Creeping Speedwell+.JPG
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