Lost Fuchsia Found

Discussion in 'Plants: In the News' started by Daniel Mosquin, Aug 22, 2006.

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    Paul Marsenac, a plant hunter from Bordeaux, recently rediscovered a fuchsia in Peru thought to have gone extinct.

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    Rare Fuchsia discovery

    The article about the rare fuchsia F.summa is very misleading. To begin with the fuchsia is not fuchsia summa and to say it was lost is,quite frankly B... S... Fuchsia summa is rare but has never been on the verge of extinction.

    The fuchsia in question was first found by Paul Berry and then by Dave Green and Eileen Waters in southern Ecuador. It has now been described by Prof. Berry and named F.aquaviridis (latin for green and water).
    All to often do we find information about fuchsia species on the net turn out to be wrong or misquoted. i would be pleased to hear from like minded people in the future.

    Dave Green

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