Is this Atriplex, and is it A. confertifolia?

Discussion in 'Talk about UBC Botanical Garden' started by wcutler, Feb 15, 2019.

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    This question was asked in 2013 but it wasn't answered, and it got lost in that thread, and now I'm posting a lot of photos into plant families on flickr and would like to have a name. There was a tag in the ground near the plant, saying Atriplex confertifolia. It is the only Atriplex species on my plant list, though now the Garden Explorer shows a very different species and not this one at all.

    The only Atriplex that I'm seeing on the internet with thin leaves like this is A. canescens. Southwest Colorado Wildflowers, Atriplex

    So the questions are: does this label belong to this plant (now I think it does, was not convinced at the time), and is it Atriplex confertifolia?

    And what family is Atriplex in now (whether or not this is one): Amaranthaceae or Chenopodiaceae?


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