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    If you are using Internet Explorer 6 on the default settings (that is, you haven't tweaked it or altered any options), then you may experience some annoyances when trying to use this (and other) bulletin boards.

    Internet Explorer 6 comes with security and privacy settings set to "high". This is excellent, as it prevents sites in "bad neighbourhoods" from altering your web browser without your permission.

    However, there is a downside - it also can make life a bit more difficult when viewing bulletin boards. In the case of these forums, it prevents cookies from being set that allow the forums to "remember" you, forcing you to log in each time.

    If you find this annoying, then these are the steps to follow to allow you to "trust" and allow cookies from the site, which should make forum participation easier.

    In Internet Explorer 6

    1. Tools ->
    2. Internet Options ->
    3. Privacy ->
    4. select Edit... (on the bottom right) ->
    5. Address of Web site : type in ->
    6. select Allow

    For more information about cookies and privacy, read the UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research Privacy Statement
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