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Discussion in 'Cornus (dogwoods)' started by mconley2, Aug 5, 2007.

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    Victoria, BC, Canada
    Hi, I understand the the native dogwood tree is protected in BC. Does this mean that they cannot be pruned at all? We have one planted on the upper level of a series of terraces and it shouldn't have been planted there. It needs to be pruned to keep it from encroaching on nearby shrubs and I wonder if it is possible to do this -- without harming the tree or breaking the law?
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    I couldn't see how pruning would be breaking the law whether they are a native protected species or not. I'd contact your local council (or whatever your equivalent is over there) and ask. Good luck

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    Just to add: it is no longer a protected species in British Columbia. The present government rescinded that law as part of their initiative to decrease the number of provincial rules and regulations.
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    check with your municipality or city, they may have bylaws against removal of certain species.....

    IE City of Surrey bylaw 16100
    ""protected tree"
    (a) any tree, including multi-stemmed trees, within the City, regardless of
    species, having a D.B.H. of 30 centimetres [11.8 inches] or more;
    (b) a replacement tree;
    (c) a tree planted or retained as a requirement of a subdivision application,
    development permit, development variance permit, building permit or
    demolition permit;
    (d) a tree located within a high sensitivity area as identified on the "City of
    Surrey Environmentally Sensitive Areas Map" described in SCHEDULE
    (e) a specimen quality tree;
    (f) a significant tree;
    - 4 -
    (g) a tree with evidence of nesting or use by:
    (i) raptors as defined in the Wildlife Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 488,
    (ii) osprey, or
    (iii) a heron colony;
    (h) the following tree species of any size:
    (i) Arbutus (Arbutus menziesii),
    (ii) Garry Oak (Quercus garryana),
    (iii) Pacific Dogwood (Cornus nutalii),
    (iv) Pacific Yew (Taxus brevifolia),
    (v) Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens),
    (vi) Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides),
    (vii) Giant Redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum),
    (viii) Maidenhair Tree (Ginkgo biloba), and
    (ix) Monkey Puzzle Tree (Araucaria araucana)."

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