dogwood in Sun?

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  1. i live in sacramento and face the west, i was wondering if i could plant a redtwig dogwood in afternoon to evening sun? burn, tolorate, thrive or die?
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    Minnesota, USA
    Redtwig dogwood cultivars (Cornus alba or Cornus sericea) can take full sun with no problem. Just be sure you can provide enough moisture to keep the plant happy.
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    San Joaquin Valley, California
    Red-Osier Dogwood in the San Joaquin Valley will
    prefer to have afternoon shade in areas that have soil
    alkalinity. In alkaline soils we can get a leaf pleach
    that is a form of sun bleaching that can look much
    like an iron chlorosis. When the leaves turn color
    and yellow out on us they will scorch when exposed
    to hot winds and direct afternoon sun, regardless of
    how much water we give them. So be mindful of
    your soil and water pH before placing these in full
    sun when grown here. To grow it in a Western
    exposure here it is better to give these Dogwoods
    some late afternoon shade and some wind protection..


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