Wisteria Non blooming

Discussion in 'Vines and Climbers' started by David Flett, Jul 17, 2006.

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    We purchased our home appx 6 years ago. There is a Wisteria vine trained over a pergola on our back deck. The people we purchased the house from told us that we would be lucky and see the plant in bloom as it takes a few years after planting etc. The first year it bloomed moderately until last year when it bloomed profusely. This year the blooms were sparse and small and th foiliage is almost non existent,
    The plant has been trained (by previous owners) to grow around the pergola support then directed intwo directions over a suspended clothesline. The main stem on the upright is suffering from what appears to be a wound to the bark with a separation to the woody inner portion. In order to protect the plant from insects and disease I painted the area with a prunig paint.
    Before I tackle any more 'fixes' are there any suggestions? I'm afraid if it is left without some form of intervention it is dying.

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