Windmill Plam tree

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  1. I transplanted a 5 ft. tall Windmill Palm tree to a bigger container last August 2001. It is outdoor, protected from winter elements but it is turning yellow. What should I do?
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    yellowing windmill palm tree

    Your palm tree is suffering from a nutrient deficiency.

    You can use time-release ("Osmocote") type fertilizer (12-6-6 or similar) to supply nitrogen for green-up. Or, for a quick boost use half-strength 20-20-20 during the growing season only (May-July).

    Your palm may be suffering from a micronutrient deficiency(magnesium or iron). Apply iron chelate to counteract a deficiency of iron, common Epsom Salts (available at any drug store) for the magnesium deficiency. Without a soil test you can't be sure which nutrient is deficient.

    Plants in containers need regular fertilizing to look their best. Do not continue fertilizing past the beginning of August as you'll encourage continued soft growth that will be more susceptible to winter damage if the container is left out-of-doors.

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