Why red petaloids on the white flowers on a red-flowered tree?

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    Joseph Lin sent me these photos taken by Emily, one of his Green Club members. She was asked to photograph the flowering trees at a particular location, and included with her photos is this red crab apple that has some white flowers. When our ornamental cherries have white flowers, they are on a branch growing from the rootstock that is a white-flowered tree. In this case, I can't tell if this is on a branch from the rootstock, though there doesn't seem to be an area of all white.
    In any event, I wouldn't have expected the the petaloids of the white flowers to be the red colour.

    What is going on here?
    20160413_SandmanHotel-Richmond_Apple_Alice_IMG_2220.jpg 20160413_SandmanHotel-Richmond_Apple_Alice_IMG_2221.jpg 20160413_SandmanHotel-Richmond_Apple_Alice_IMG_2222.jpg 20160413_SandmanHotel-Richmond_Apple_Alice_IMG_2223.jpg 20160413_SandmanHotel-Richmond_Apple_Alice_IMG_2224.jpg 20160413_SandmanHotel-Richmond_Apple_Alice_IMG_2224c.jpg

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