What's the safest way to get rid of autumn clematis vines?

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    Clematis paniculata. Options are shred with a mulching mower, or burn. There is no garden waste pick up here.

    The plant that was shredded killed the grass, and released an irritating vapor. I'm concerned if burning it would make this vapor worse. Burning is legal here.
    There is a lot of it that I want to remove.

    I am reluctant to mix them in with the compost until I know that the herbicidal component will not persist. The grass is coming backā€”it was a top-kill, not a root kill.

    My discussion at home centers on whether the fresh cloud of nasty vapor from mulching is more or less dangerous than the smoke that would come from burning the dried stuff. Poison ivy can kill if you inhale the smoke.

    As to killing the grass -
    Sunlight was blocked for about 20 minutes, at a time of day when that patch of grass was already in the shade.
    The vines have not been sprayed with any herbicide or insecticide.

    Thank you

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