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Discussion in 'Outdoor Gardening in the Pacific Northwest' started by icu222much, Jul 21, 2021.

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    I am looking for two to three perennials for my front garden. In my photo, I have highlighted the area where the plants would go. I will be replacing the wood edges with stone blocks, and extend the blocks to the cedar hedges. As a result, there will be a bare area between the maple trees and cedar hedges.

    I am looking for perennials that:
    • Grows well in shade and partial sun
    • Blooms colourful flowers
    • Low maintenance
    • Non toxic to dogs
    • Not too difficult to purchase in Vancouver, BC
    • Bonus points for staying bloomed for most of the year

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    I am not an expert but from experience on Vancouver Island I have found the following seem to grow well under trees where they get a lot of shade and compete with trees for nutrients sorry I know only the common names;
    Lung wort
    Bugle weed
    creeping Jenny
    none flower year round but all have smaller but pretty blooms. Not sure about toxicity but I do have a dog and he has never tried to eat any of them.
    All should be available at most plant stores.
    These are all ground covers.
    I have found unless you add a lot of good soil not many flowers do well under trees but i am sure other more experienced gardeners willbe more help! I also would like to see what others suggest so I can add to my garden.
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    Burnaby, Canada
    I grow hardy Fuchsias (3 large flowered varieties) under fruit trees in northwest Burnaby. They die back almost to their roots during the winter but come back during the spring and bloom heavily from the beginning of July almost until frost arrives.
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    Nanoose Bay, BC Canada
    I will think more about this but the one plant I love that I think might do well there is a Hellebore - there are hundreds to choose from and they bloom during the dreariest months.

    Will get back to you.
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    South Okanagan & Greater Vancouver, BC Canada
    What are the shrub plants on the left side of your photo?

    I can’t discern.

    My first thought is how lovely your precious maple is

    And I would highlight it with a sculpture focal point to one side of the main trunk — quite tall -

    I mean, you can find metal crane birds at the big box stores or some of us look at driftwood at the beach

    Or depending on budget - people on your area are very artistic

    I would look at some hostas of meaningful color and leaf size

    I like to later heights in a garden - and I change seasonally

    A neighbor has a big JMaple like yours so I will look see what is planted around their gorgeous garden which is designed and maintained as their hobby.

    I think it’s hostas and ferns

    The old design maxim is - repeat what you’ve already got (plants)

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