Identification: What is this? SE BC

Discussion in 'Pacific Northwest Native Plants' started by bcmouflons, Apr 18, 2021.

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    Hi there, hope this pictures uploaded.

    Would like to ID this plant that is taking over our pastures in South East BC. Possibly ways to beat it back so grass has a bit of a chance.

    Very close to the ground, i believe the tall stalks with small flower clusters belong with it, only got a picture of the dried flowers, but they honestly dont look much different from fresh.... seem to grow only a handful of these per sqft of occupied ground.

    Silvery green leaves in the summer, and silvery white once dry weather prevails.
    20210418_123621.jpg 20200607_175732250744264485293158.jpeg 20210418_123803.jpg 20210418_123132.jpg
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    Looks like an Antennaria to me. Flowering plants like this outcompeting grasses = environmental site conditions being more suitable for these than the grasses. So killing this native wildflower off there isn't necessarily going to increase the ability of the land to support livestock.

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