Identification: What fuzzy rootstock on these 'Shiro-fugen' cherries

Discussion in 'Ornamental Cherries' started by wcutler, May 2, 2023.

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    The leaves and flowers on the rootstock growth, including the full tree, on this row of 'Shiro-fugen' cherries in Victoria looks like Prunus avium, except that I came across a discussion recently in which I recall something about P. avium not being hairy and the hairs on the tree in question indicated that it would be P. x pugetensis. Would that hybrid be used as a rootstock now? These leaves felt a little fuzzy and it turned out they are very hairy and fuzzy. The dark red petioles are attractive too. Is it possible to know what it is?

    Rootstock-on-Shiro-fugen_DockDallasRd-Victoria_Cutler_20230501_162943.jpg Rootstock-on-Shiro-fugen_DockDallasRd-Victoria_Cutler_20230501_163019.jpg Rootstock-on-Shiro-fugen_DockDallasRd-Victoria_Cutler_20230501_162934.jpg

    Rootstock-on-Shiro-fugen_DockDallasRd-Victoria_Cutler_20230501_162651.jpg Rootstock-on-Shiro-fugen_DockDallasRd-Victoria_Cutler_20230501_162656.jpg Rootstock-on-Shiro-fugen_DockDallasRd-Victoria_Cutler_20230501_162739.jpg Rootstock-on-Shiro-fugen_DockDallasRd-Victoria_Cutler_20230501_162807.jpg

    In addition to 'Colt', what rootstocks would we expect to find on new ornamental cherries? Are they all some variety or cultivar of Prunus avium? I just wonder if we're accusing a lot of trees and rootstock growth of being P. avium when it's really something else we're seeing.

    Just as a distraction, I'll add a photo of the 'Shiro-fugen' cherries, on Dock Street above Dallas Road.
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