What cherry? Weeping single white, mid-April blooming

Discussion in 'Ornamental Cherries' started by Nadia White Rock, Apr 21, 2012.

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    I found one more unknown(at least to me) cherry tree with single white flowers. It is not Sendai shidare, almost no leaves yet and they are not green. It is too late for Snofozam.Flowers big and snow white, hairless stems, no smell.
    Actually flowers and the whole tree are very beautiful.
    20120420-139aStr22aAve-unknownPendula-NadiaWhiteRock -.jpg 20120420-139aStr22aAve-unknownPendula-NadiaWhiteRock1.JPG 20120420-139aStr22aAve-unknownPendula-NadiaWhiteRock2.JPG 20120420-139aStr22aAve-unknownPendula-NadiaWhiteRock0.jpg 20120420-139aStr22aAve-unknownPendula-NadiaWhiteRock6.jpg 20120420-139aStr22aAve-unknownPendula-NadiaWhiteRock4.jpg

    I went one week later to check this tree, it is still in bloom and leaves not green like Sendai-shidare, not so many of them, I can see branches.
    20120428-139aStr22aAve-unknownPendula-NadiaWhiteRock-.JPG 20120428-139aStr22aAve-unknownPendula-NadiaWhiteRock.jpg
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    We never answered this? It looks like 'Tai-haku'.

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