Weedwhacker String

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    Weedwhacker String
    Posted on August 13, 2021 by Durgan
    Re-string weed whackers is often a daunting chore. Here is my attempt to clarify for the Greenworks weed whacker,slow and careful is necessary.
    1.String 10 feet long, make a folded loop and the center found.
    2.Reel with the spring housing at the top.
    3.Put loop in an indention in the center of the reel with sting pointing to the right.
    4.Wrap both strings twice around clockwise to hold in position.
    5. Put bottom string in an indentation to keep in place, while winding the top string.
    6. Wrap top string clockwise, leave 5 inches unwrapped. Hold this firmly, and wrap the bottom string clockwise leaving 5 inches, which is placed in one grove. Place the upper string in one groove opposite the lower string. The reel is now loaded.
    7.Place the reel in the cover aligning the groves with the exit slots.
    8.Join the reel and cover with the main housing. Pull the strings to release from their holding slots and push the cover together with the main housing. This takes a bit of effort and skill.
    13 August 2021 Winding Weedwhacker String 13 August 2021 Winding Weedwhacker String


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