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    I was wondering if there were any generalizations applicable to watering duration and frequency.

    Is it better to water twice as long every other day, or half as long but every day.

    Obviously there will be a lower limit - you have to make sure that the water is getting into the soil and not just running off, but after you exceed that threshold value, is less frequent but more thorough saturation any better than frequent watering of shorter duration?

    Or does it matter?
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    All things being equal, I would say its better to water deeply and infrequently rather than shallow and often. Watering deeply encourages larger, deeper root systems which will be less affected by short term droughts and cold compared to shallow, surface rooted plants. When we water at the nursery we may water the annuals in small bedding packs once or even twice a day during hot weather, the rootballed trees (heeled in sawdust) once every third day for about 3 hours with a large overhead sprinkler, and the potted smaller trees and shrubs every second day for an hour or two. Watering deeply also helps to clear the root systems of excess salt buildup and the like.
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    We put together some text and a photo of a diagram that has helped our customers and others reduce plant losses for newly planted trees and shrubs.

    It uses the example of how an oil lamp wicks oil.

    Visit www.mdvaden.com

    Click "Advice" - Click "Landscape" Advice

    Go to the end of the topic list with the title referring to watering.

    Enlarge the photo too.
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    My local U. of Fla. Extension Center advocates, for lawns and shrubs, one inch of water per week. We have rationing and are limited to watering two days per week. For establishing new shrubs, hand watering can be done , but only on the new plants (each day until established). You can imagine that this is stretched to reach many other plants. CW

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