Washingtonia robusta and Butia capitata at latitude 62,5N in Norway!

Discussion in 'Outdoor Tropicals' started by trachycarpus, Jun 27, 2008.

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    Hello everybody! Just wanted to let you know I've planted a Washingtonia robusta and a Butia capitata in my garden in Ã…lesund Norway, which is situated on latitude 62,5N. Optimism? Yes! It never ends, exotic gardening is all about stretching the limits to the uttermost borders of what is possible!

    For photos go to this page (it is the gallery page for Ã…lesund in 2008):

    Hope I can inspire som of you being this crazy planting such palm trees up here north - what I know for sure is that my climate so far has been very gentle to my trachycarpus palms and my chamaerops.

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