UPDATE: Hardy Palm Society GM March 26 - GUESTS WELCOME

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    The Pacific North West Palm & Exotic Plant Society will be holding their first General Meeting of 2018 on Monday March 26. The meeting will start at 7:30PM in the Floral Room at Van Dusen Garden

    As well as informing members as to the events and activities for the coming year there will be a SEED SWAP taking place.

    With Spring around the corner everyone's thoughts will be turned towards their gardens and the excitement of new plants. And now is the time to starting thinking about starting those seeds.

    Bring your labeled seeds to swap and see what exotic or unusual seeds will be available.

    Some of the available seeds will include:
    Pancratium maritimum - sea daffodil
    Solanum mammosum - nipplefruit
    Arisaema ringens - jack-in-the-pulpit
    Paradisea liliastrum - St. Bruno's lily

    There will also be a number of unusual and interesting vegetables seeds such as:
    Santa Claus Melon
    Ornamental Gourds
    Sugar Beets
    'Purple Mist' Peas

    Come and meet fellow palm and exotic plant fanatics and share knowledge and experience!

    The Pacific Northwest Palm & Exotic Plant Society (PNWP&EPS) is a non-profit chapter of the International Palm Society. They are dedicated to the successful cultivation of palms and other exotic plants outdoors in British Columbia, Washington and Oregon.

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