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    Burnaby North on a slope facing south & a view :-)
    I bought several bags of tulip bulbs, yes from Home Depot. Just on an emotional momentarily buy.
    Have bought bulbs before and never had a problem. It clearly said from Holland.
    They were all colour mix of parrot tulips my favourite . I had very few orange ones before that were stunning.
    This spring they all came out and all are like a watery green white yellow NOT one hint of any colour but in some edges of a leaf. Soooo disappointing. Might it have been the weather? Nearly want to go back and complain ..who knows maybe they bought some special off load of bad tulips who knows..with this GM modified world.

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    South Okanagan & Greater Vancouver, BC Canada
    With great respect … I like those tulips !

    and yes I do find many mislabelled and mixed in bags etc —- I wonder what those bulb processing facilities look like in Holland … must be huge production for world export

    the old adage “I get what I pay for” comes to mind, and today’s shopping world comes to mind (big box cheaper :)

    In any event — are these tulips in the ground or in pots?

    I am thinking a contrasting species planting combination would really set off your design display

    if you’re south facing … maybe a Hosta combo (assuming the hostas are unfurling leaves in your garden now, then Hosta leaves camouflage the expiring tulips

    I saw this photo below at Stanley park the other day

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