trumpet vine and wisteria in az

Discussion in 'Vines and Climbers' started by alkvinia kaye, Feb 12, 2009.

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    Is it possible to grow campsis radicans in the west valley of Az (Pheonix)? Same question for Wisteria. We moved here from Ia 2yrs ago. My kids brought me a start of my hardy Wisteria vine and also my beautiful trumpet vine. Ive had it for a yr. They grew nicely in the pots I planted them in and so I put them in the yard where I wanted them. A rabbit ate them to the ground. They didnt seem to want to come back but there was some green so I put them back into pots and that was last Nov and they have done nothing. I have a muted little leaf on one and a stick on the other. Today I purchased at Home Depot Wisteria Glicina which says grow your own Crezcala usted mismo on the bottom of the tag. Dont have a clue what it means.

    In Iowa I took an old patio umberilla to the metal frame and planted it and started a wisteria vine on it and it was very special. The umberillia I planted here for the vine is still bare. I had trumpet vine on my chain link fence in Iowa and it was breathtaking. Ive had an empty cemented trunk from a dead pine tree planted here for 2 yrs and still no trumpet vine for it. Dont know the type I had in Ia but the trumpet flowers were HUGE scarlet red with orangish yellow throats. I want to put it on my fence out here but cant find any and the trumpet vines sold here are little flowers. Not at all the same. I think I had 11 leavlets on the vine leaf and 9 leaflets on the other vine. Can I grow these vines in Az? I think we are zone 12. Were between Wickenburg and Suprize Az. Anyone with any helpful info on the subject.? Thanks
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    Wisteria do not like to have their roots disturbed (tap roots go very deep), the soil type that you have may also be a factor for your other plant. I say, if they are not acclimatised to your climate zone, and not readily established and sanctioned by your local horticulturist/nursery then seek out plants that will coexist and thrive in your local climate, this will save you time, money and heartache.

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