Trellis design basics for grapes

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    Hello, I am turning another corner of the backyard into another garden area, I am hoping to start some grapes and a trellis to add some privacy. My neighbours look right into my backyard from their kitchen and patio deck. I am wondering if anyone knows of some plans or ideas for a simple trellis, ie. do's and dont's.

    I am also hoping someone may know of a machine, tool or technique to clear out a big pile of grass that I ripped out of the other side of my yard and piled up in this corner, it is all growing like crazy again and is mixrd in with rocks, dog poo, weeds and compost etc.... it is probably about 5 cubic yards of crap. Alot of weeds and grass are flourishing. Would I have to physically remove all of this stuff before I can start this garden#2 or could I rototill it or similar, to flatten it out and make an even grade, then put plastic or something over top of it and then start my garden ontop of it all?

    I hope something like this or similar is possible and that I dont have to remove it all. Its alot of stuff and I don't think my back can take it.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice!!

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