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Discussion in 'Woody Plants' started by GoldenEagle, May 16, 2009.

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    I just received my order from Kelly's Nursery today and when i opened the bag and checked everything I was surprised at my Tree Peony it was just the root with some short coming out of it. Will this grow into a tree or will it grow into a bush?

    I do have to say some of my order was OK and some of it was iffy, would I order from them again after seeing what you get I would have to say I would have to be hard up to do so. My wife looked at it and was very upset with the way they looked.

    Must be a better place out there.

    One more question for you I got 2 Tree Hydrangea and one was about 3 foot tall and the other was 6 inches tall and it had broken lambs on it and now it is about 3 inches tall will it grow? I do have to say everything was alive.
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    A photo of the tree peony may help. Often the tree peony is grafted onto an herbaceous root, not sure what you have there. They are really a shrub with woody stems, whereas the herbaceous peony dies back to the ground each year. Some are sold on their own roots.

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