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Discussion in 'Photography and Art' started by John Farrer, May 18, 2003.

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    Tree Peony in my garden in Sechelt

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  2. my tree peony

    Hi i have never heard of tree poeny...i have one in my yard...been here since before we moved in..This "tree" flowers everyother year!! Beautiful fuchia bolssoms & very fragrant!!!
  3. My tree peony has grown to about five feet across - too big for my perennial bed. Do I dare transplant it? When? I am in New York State - zone 5 (winter can be -20F)
  4. Hello...I don't think you have a choice but to move it given its outgrown the space available for it.(either that, or move the excess perennials elsewhere and design that whole area around the needs of the Tree Peony!!!!:).....some perennials as companion plants are fine, but if it all gets too crowded, your Tree Peony's full beauty cannot be fully appreciated...If you do move it, do it in the fall...preferably to a spot that gets morning sun and shade in the hottest part of the afternoon(this way, the sun will help it bloom more, but the shade will help the fragile blooms last longer)...Plant the grafted spot on the trunk a few inches or so underground to protect it in the winter. I am putting in 10 tree Peonies this fall...and am contemplating the best spot for each one...I will keep your situation in mind as I tend to crowd things........hmmmmmmmm...I just need more land!....Take care and enjoy your summer.....GardenLove

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