Tree Management Advice: Arizona Cypress & Moerheim Blue Spruce

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    Hello! I recently purchased a home and would like some advice regarding pruning/management of two trees on the property.
    1. Moerheim Blue Spruce (pics 1 and 2)
    This beautiful spruce is about 3m away from the corner of the house and I'd like to know if pruning is a recommended way of keeping it from touching the roof. Is it advised to trim a "cutout" of the tree near the roof line? Should I prune the candles every early spring to keep it from becoming too bushy? Should I plan on removing the tree at some point in the next 5 years or so? (I'd rather not remove it ever but a couple local arborist/tree trimmers who came to trim some other trees said, cryptically, "It'll just get bigger")
    2. Arizona Cypress (I think; pic 3)
    This tree grows quickly! I'd like to keep it from getting too tall and mingling with the oaks, but I'm willing to cut the oaks to make room for vertical growth. How do I manage outward growth while preserving the natural shape of the tree?
    Any advice/links/resource recommendations are appreciated; I'm new to tree management. Thank you!

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    Remove the spruce - it's just going to get closer and closer to the house over the years - and leave the cypress alone.
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