Transplanting English Yew Taxus baccata

Discussion in 'Gymnosperms (incl. Conifers)' started by Virginia B, Nov 10, 2019.

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    I have an English Yew I wish to transplant. Is it too late in the fall to do so? Should I just try to root prune it now and wait until the spring. The tree is about 6 feet. Was wanting to use it as a foundation plant (approx. 2.5 feet from the house) but read that the roots can be quite invasive. Thoughts?
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    Roots of yew shouldn't be any more of a problem than any other foundation shrub. Also roots get into foundations that are already damaged anyway - if your foundation is intact you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise dig anytime during winter in this climate region, do not cut roots in advance. Because roots cut now are unlikely to make replacement growth until spring stem bud break. And you should have moved the plant before this occurs.

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