transplanted ponytail palm - is it rotting?

Discussion in 'Caudiciforms and Pachycaul Trees' started by Amanda wartenbee, Aug 3, 2016.

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    I recently transplanted my ponytail into a pot outdoors and it suffered some wind damage to leaves and it seems that the base of the plant could be rotting . I love this plant but I doesn't look to healthy now . Any suggestions?

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    Is this pot under cover or is it getting rained on? Is there good drainage in the pot? They don't like wet feet. I don't know what can be done if it has started to rot. Keeping it out of the rain, and no water until the soil has got dry for a start.
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    what makes you think it's rotting? You can pull it out of the dirt and have a look at the roots and caudex, if it's rotting you will see it. You can cut the rotting parts off and cover them in cinnamon to help it dry then leave it out of the dirt for a week or so to callus over, leave it somewhere shady... When you re plant it put it in dry soil that is very free draining and leave it another week before watering it. When you do water it let the soil dry out a lot before watering it again. Depending on the time of year that could be a month or more. I keep mine outside, under cover so I can control how wet they get.

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