Tomatoe leaves and stems look withered

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    Hi all! This is the second year we pot tomatoes and the second year we face this ''withering'' problem. The plants are tall and strong when we bring them in, then gradually loose their stamina despite all the care. Soon the leaves pale and curve inwards as if burned up. This year the leaf color turned slightly witish as well. There are tiny brown spots on the stems. Why do you think this happens? Are the tomatoes a threat to the other plants around them?

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    Are they getting full sunlight? Are you repotting them--and if so, do the pots drain?
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    Do you use your own mix for potting tomatoes?
    What is in the mix?
    Tomatoes don't like over watering. They need, that soil does not completely dry through between waterings, but it should not stay wet continuously.
    How often do you water your tomatoes?
    Too much fertilizers can be dangerous for plants. When there are too much salt ions in the soil, then plant roots have trouble to obtain nutrients from the soil.
    Tomatoes don't like very high temperatures. Optimal is up to 27 degrees Celsius.
    I don't think, that your tomatoes are danger for surrounding plants. It looks more physiologigal stress than infectious disease.
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    We often have the same problems.
    Are the tomatoes exposed to direct rain? I don't think they like rain on their leaves. I have often been told tomatoes should be covered, never watered on top of the plants (leaves, stem)--just on the ground around the base of the plant.
    Perhaps try to rig a small plastic covering over the tops of the plants-- doesn't have to be fancy, maybe a small sheet of plastic so the rain doesn't fall on the plant--but translucent, so the sunlight still gets to the plant and you can water it regularly, and prune it as needed.
    We have had a cooler and wetter spring so far than we had last year. That may be a factor.
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    Hi Diana, can I ask why you say 'when you bring them in'? The one thing that can cause the drooping and curling of leaves is a constant fluctuation of temperature. Secondly although quite unatractive looking it should not affect the crop unless the whole plant is drooping.

    IMO, once planted out, leave them in that position all Summer.

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