tips withering on improved Meyer lemon

Discussion in 'Citrus' started by englak, Aug 26, 2023.

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    The tips on wither on some of the branches on my improved Meyer lemon. It is in a pot, outdoors in the summer and in a greenhouse in the winter. It gets hand watered every second day, and feed citrus food monthly. I recently staked it, and am attempting to make one of the side branches a leader.

    How serious is this, and what went wrong?

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    The photo shows a trifoliate orange, not a Meyer lemon. Most likely this was a graft and the rootstock was trifoliate orange (quite common). The trifoliate sent up some shoots that were not removed and you are left with the rootstock. If you do see any leaves that have the Meyer lemon left (they do not have 3 leaves together like the photo) then you may want to remove all the trifoliate branches. The withering branch should definitely be removed regardless. That looks like it may be a bacterial infection. Cut the withered branch well into the healthy tissue to avoid having the infection continue down the branch. Dispose of the infected tip in the garbage (not your compost).

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