Appreciation: They Converted Old Quarry to Indoor Rainforest - Bloedel Conservatory

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    This is a video recorded inside the Bloedel Conservatory created by an outfit called FLORB with Vancouver Park Board's permission, and narrated by Alex Downie, Operations Manager at the park board. Alex has done an informative tree walk every year at Queen Elizabeth Park (where the conservatory is) for the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, and I enjoyed seeing him narrate this 14-minute tour (well, the tour is 13-minutes) that talks about the building - its history and construction (so interesting, it's amazing all the stuff Alex knows about it), and the plants and birds.

    The video and sound are excellent.
    They Converted Old Quarry to Indoor Rainforest - YouTube

    I actually complained to VanDusen (now in charge of the conservatory) about the ads in the video, but now that I understand that it was neither commissioned by them nor produced by them, it seems fair enough for an independent content creator to fund his work.
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