Testing how to upload short video from iPhone

Discussion in 'The Test Bed' started by Georgia Strait, Apr 9, 2022.

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    I know I have seen videos on posts

    maybe you know @Acerholic ?

    i have looked on the « help » (that is how I found test bed today)

    someone within this last couple of years posted about birds in the garden water feature

    i think it was a towhee (common Vancouver area garden bird) - I will use that key word to see if I can find post / thread.
    so here goes the testing

    1. no success — I clicked « add photo « or whatever it says …

    i choose « photo library of the 3 options (library // take a pic // upload file )

    So I chose three cherry blossom pix to upload - all good


    ok now I am going back to see if iPhone video is in the « upload a file » option

    no that choice is not video (it is files like pdf I have downloaded using this iPhone )

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    I'm not sure on this Georgia as I don't have an iPhone. I think Wendy would be your best bet to ask on this one.
    Attach photos and files
    The above should help.

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