Syringa vulgaris "Common French Lilac" - no flowers

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    Hi all, hope spring is sprung for all of you!
    In late summer 2004, I planted 3 lilacs. All 3 shrubs are within 30 feet of each other in the same bed; the soil and sun conditions are the same. They were all roughly the same size, the Common French shrub was slightly larger.

    The 2 "fancy" ones bloomed last year and are bursting with buds again this year. The Common French shrub (with no other name), however, didn't flower last year and shows no sign of bud growth this year. It has more shoots from the bottom than the other two and is now much larger than them. There's no sign of disease or pest on it.

    The 3 pics attached are of the nonflowering one.

    We have over a dozen lilac shrubs in our yard, this is the only one that isn't blooming...even the little baby ones have a token bloom.
    Is there anything special about the Common French Lilacs that it take so long to flower?

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