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    We've had rosemary growing in a raised bed for about 20 years. They flowered regularly, set seed and of course that wonderful waft of scent when you brush it. Rosemary seeds are readily available but are hard to sprout apparently with one purveyor wishing the purchaser good luck trying t germinate the seed. Certainly over that period of time we must have had thousands and thousands of seeds drop from the two plants and we've never seen any sign of rosemary seedlings. Well, that all changed this year. Haven't a clue what's so different this year but obviously the environment was right because we have seedlings popping up in 4 pots that were placed around the top of the raised bed they're in.
    Yes, they're still small and at first I didn't want to believe they were rosemary seedlings, just didn't seem possible for some reason, but this morning I brushed them and there was the unmistakable scent. Interesting thing is they've only shown up in the pots around the plants, none actually have shown in the area directly below the plants.....Once these start to show the third or fourth set of true leaves I'll prick them out and see how they'll overwinter. There are 4 pots with seedlings, the one shown has the most but I bet there'll be 50+ seedlings spread over those 4 pots.
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