Suggestions for drought-resistant annuals???

Discussion in 'HortForum' started by Kevinm, May 16, 2004.

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    Vancouver, BC
    Hi All,

    With the impending drought/dry summer ahead of us I am looking to plant some colourful flowers that are drought-resistant. The location receives full sun.

    Any suggestions???
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    Santa Fe, New Mexico
    drought tolerant annuals

    Hi. Two that come to mind are portulaca (moss roses) and osteospermum. The latter come in the purple shades (or white w/purple) but newer cultivars are yellow with a blue center ("Lemon Symphony") or orange daisy with the same blue center ("Orange or Peach Symphony.") The moss roses are very low growing and come in many bright colors, except blues. Have fun! Elena
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    North Columbia, California
    Drought tolerant annuals

    A few ideas for drought tolerent annuals, with a few "good" perennials thrown in for good luck.
    • African daisy
    • Calendula-perenial but blooms the first season from seed and depending on weather every month of the calendar thereafter,
    • Coreopsis-also a perennial but can be grown as an annual
    • Cosmos
    • California Poppy-perennial but blooms the next spring when planted previous fall
    • Dianthus-the low growing perennial species, i.e. chedder pinks,
    • Shasta daisy
    • Gillardia-perennial that can be grown as an annual
    • Gazania-perennial that can be grown as an annual
    • Statice
    • Hollyhock
    • Strawflower
    • Verbena
    • Wall flower- Cheiranthus allionii and C. cheiri.

    Two ways to get to a wildflower sales website.
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    North Columbia, California
    And more...

    Some more (and some overlap of the last) that are drought tolerant in Texas, it may be too wet in BC?

    • Aster bigelovii - Aster
    • Aster tanacetifolius - Aster
    • Lupinus arizonicus - Lupine
    • Lupinus sparsiflorus - Desert Lupine
    • Lupinus succulentus - Arroyo Lupine
    • Plantago spp. - Indian Wheat
    • Eschscholtzia californica - California Poppy
    • Phacelia campanularia - Desert Canterbury Bells
    • Phacelia tanacetifolia - Tansy Phacelia
    • Verbesina encelioides - Crown Beard
    • Eschscholtzia mexicana - Mexican Gold Poppy
    • Gaillardia pulchella - Fire Wheel, Blanket Flower
    • Linum lewisii - Blue Flax
    • Salvia columbariae - Chia
    • Dimorphotheca sinuata - African Daisy, Cape Marigold

    Have more fun,

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