Propagation: Star Jasmine in DWC Hydro

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    I currently have a star jasmine that I was thinking about propagating by cuttings and growing in a deep water culture set up. Basically, is this feasible? I know jasmine prefers being pot bound when cultivated to set buds, so I wasn’t sure if this would even flower or flower as well as a regular soil grown one. I was planning on using probably a 7-9-4 hydro nutrients. It is a homemade set up I created sometime last year. It usually gives me excellent results and I have 4-5 feet of grow space above it with an all spectrum grow light. It might sound a little crazy of me but I’m always up for an experiment or challenge. Do you guys think this will work or have any advice? Here is a photo of my set up while I was cleaning and disinfecting it today from my previous garden.

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