Sourcing info... RE: Aroma Brugmansia what part of the plant

Discussion in 'HortForum' started by LizB, Sep 26, 2018.

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    Vicoria bc
    What part of the plant is the active "odor"/essence release?

    I am going to try and capture the essence of this night scented bloom ......

    I have the method of capturing the scent
    now I just need the botany description of where the extraction is released/created?

    What part of the bloom is creating the scent?
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    Capturing the scent of the flowers is a VERY bad idea. While there is no question most of them have an amazing fragrance, they are also highly poisonous and psychotropic. All parts of them are already at a very highly concentrated level of poison, and capturing the scent would require concentrating them even much farther. This sounds like a fast road to a really horrible, gruesome death. Even a very small amount of concentrate from this plant can detach you from reality in a negative, scary way that can cause you to take your own life while thinking you are saving it.
    Enjoy them safely as plants and make sure children can't get near them. :)

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