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Discussion in 'Small Space Gardening' started by mophead, Aug 7, 2020.

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    Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, BC
    My small space garden (on Vancouver Island) has been established from scratch for 10 years now and although beautifully planted with shrubs and perennials, it has finally become overcrowded. I would like to start either thinning out or maybe divide some of the plants or simply yank them out to provide the breathing space I'm sure they would enjoy. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    How about replying with some photos so people know what you're dealing with. And also, I can determine if this belongs in the Outdoor Gardening in the Pac NW or here. I think when you say small, we're thinking balcony or patio. You can show us how big this small space really is.
    Attach photos and files

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